The installation titled "88" is made for one of the silos of the company Axel Vervoordt located on the Canal in Wijnegem, for the occasion of the project "Sound and Vision".

The silo is part of the old brewery and was used for the storage of grains. The silo measures 7 meters in diameter and is 35 meter high. On the top there is a separate space, which can be entered by either climbing the stairs or taking the elevator. This space is 4 meters high.

The work "88" is an environment consisting of a sound installation and a wall painting.The sound is a recording of the tuning of the 88 keys of my recently bought piano in my living space in Berlin. I didn't plan this recording beforehand, but started it almost immediately after the piano tuner started to work. He tuned the piano only with his ears, using no artificial equipment. The tuning lasted 85 minutes.
As if in a trance he worked, no pause, no drinks, only he and the piano. In the recording you can hear minimal structures, melodies, rhythms and breaks. This "field recording" was installed in the silo without remix.

The visual part of the work consisted of a wall painting. On the wall of the silo 88 stripes in different colors are painted. They form the pattern of the rainbow. The stripes are monotone in color and are painted vertically on the wall. Each stripe measures 26 cm in width and is 7 meters high. The different colors and the amount refer to the amount of keys on my piano.

A hole has been made on the top floor of the silo in the middle of the space. Through the hole you can look 30 meters down. A cable is hanging down with a 200 watt light to brighten the space. From above the wall painting looks like a circular rainbow. The air coming up through the hole gives another dimension to the space and also transports the sound piano tuning.