Verstrijken in Dutch means time passing by and badly played on strings.

I arrived in Quebec City on the 10th of October at 19.00. I was invited for a residency program at La chambre blanche for six weeks. From the moment I arrived until the evening of the concert, on the 11th of November, I started to write a journal. This journal is the basis of the music piece “Verstrijken”

The journal is translated into a graphical score for solo violin.
Each hour of the day generated 4 seconds of music. The composition lasts 51 minutes and 23 seconds. The composition follows my daily activities. It describes precisely when I got up, when I had some food, when I was working and also how I felt. If I slept well, had some good food or had dinner with company. After some time I noticed some routine and structure in my days. I was able to categorize my daily activities in four groups: sleeping, eating, working and free time. In the graphical score these groups are visualized by color: blue, red, yellow and green. This structure generated the working material for the player. Each group received it’s own material and graphical signs.

The eating periods for example are announced by a pizzicato. The different ways the pizzicati are played tell you something about the food, if I enjoyed it or not. Free time periods are translated in melodious lines. In the exhibition the score is written on the wall. At the concert I positioned the audience so that they could read the score on the wall. The piece is a structured improvisation.