In his work, „Ich ruf dich Morgen wieder an“, („I will call you back tomorrow“), from 2008, developed for „Lieber Künstler, erzähle mir“, William Engelen realizes the imperative of the exhibition title quite directly by telling extremely short stories to „the exhibition“ over its entire duration.

He chooses an answering machine and his mobile phone as the acoustic media for this project. On the weekdays, he sends an SMS with his mobile phone to a fixed line in Hildesheim. There only the answering machine responds, and the SMS is spoken by a computerized voice onto tape. The recording can be played in the exhibition-the communication occurs from machine over machine to machine, so that no actual conversation takes place.

The Kehrwiederturm itself is not linked to a telecommunications network and, for the duration of the exhibition, is in a receiving mode with the answering machine. „How much emotion can the computer voice contain?“ was one of the questions which interested William Engelen in this processual work. Through the abbreviated form SMS, with which romantic relationships are ended and banal announcements about one’s own existence are sent, Engelen ironicizes the theme of the exhibition and simultaneously takes it literally. With his twenty five various acoustic text messages ranging from Dadaist composition to personal everyday narration, he investigates the possibilities of this media-networking in ist dramaturgical and technical-acoustic parameters.

Julia Tieke